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  •  Rank #1 on Google and Yelp
  • ​My 8-Steps Sales Framework
  • ​Hire Superstar Employees
  • ​Track Your Business Health
  • ​Effective Marketing on a Budget
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from the guy who went from $50K in debt to over $40M in revenue:
  • Find Your WHY and Motivate Employees to take Massive Action
  • Increase Productivity with Bullet-Proof Systems and Processes
  • Track Your Business Performance to Maximize Growth
  • How to Build a Brand on a Shoestring Budget
  • My Secret Formula to Generate High-Quality Leads
  • Flood Yelp and Google with 5-Stars Ratings 
  • Rank #1 on Google and Yelp Without Hiring Expensive Agencies
  • Increase Your Booking Rate by 90% in 90 Days
  • My 8-Steps Sales Framework Revealed
  • Hire Super-Starts with this 5-Step Process
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  • BONUS #3: My 5-Step Hiring Process That Will Attract Top Talent To Your Business No Matter The Industry You're In ($299 Value)
What Home services experts are saying
There are a million business books out there so what makes this one different?
The answer is Tommy. He is unique in that he isn’t some guy who found success and then got out while he was ahead. He’s still right there in the trenches every day, adapting and changing alongside the industry itself, and the information he offers in this book is indispensable if you’re looking to grow profitably today’s challenging business climate. "
-Ara Mahdessian,
   CEO of Service Titan
Whether you already have a seven-figure home service business or are just getting started, you’re in the right place.
"  The information in this book has not only been proven in Tommy’s own business; he has also shared these tactics and strategies with others who have gone on to build their own home service empires. You don’t have to do everything in this book to be successful, all you need is an open mind and the willingness to implement these strategies at the most basic level—because your competition never will. "
-Jody Underhill,
   Founder of Upside Down Iceberg
Featuring the best in the industry:

Craig Smith

COO of HomeAdvisor explains how you can get more qualified leads using HomeAdvisor.

Ara Mahdessian

CEO of Service Titan shares how you can use one CRM system to run your entire business.

Marc Levesque

Co-Founder of Webrunner Media gives advice to home service businesses who want to generate leads through online paid ads. 

Al Levi

Founder of 7-Power Contractor shares his process to help you systematize your business.

Matthew Glickman

Co-Founder of Search Kings explain what Google Guarantee means for your business and how to successfully apply for it. 

Mike Davis

CEO of Valpak explains how Valpak can connect you with your existing and new customers in a more economic and effective way.

Erica Leonor

Coach and Trainer at Power Selling Pros show you how to train your CSRs to close up to 90% of your calls.

Darius Lyvers

Financing expert explains how financing can help you convert more customers and increase your average ticket.

Jaime DiDomenico

President of CoolToday shares how he sold 14,000 service agreements and how you can do the same for your business.

Brian Cohen

Business strategist of SF&P Advisors gives advice on how to sell your business.

Brian Kaskavalciyan

Co-Founder of gFour Marketing explains how you can profit more from your current customers by creating a fence around them.

Ellen Rohr

Founder of Bare Bones Biz shares some tips on how to win the business game financially.
Are you tired of hiring technicians who are not up to your standard?

Are you constantly running around putting out fires?

Are you still trying to figure out how to book more customers?
Then this book is for you.

If you have ever felt deep down inside that there's a better way to run a home service business that generates profits every month without having to sacrifice your family time...

That's because you're right. There IS a better way...
Here's What The Big Dogs Are Doing Differently
You might think that you already know the answer:

They have access to large amounts of capital that I don't have

They can offer better prices that are impossible for me to compete against

They don't have to deal with inexperienced technicians or customer service representatives

But here’s the good news… none of this crap matters.

What truly makes a difference for them is that they take the time to build a solid foundation for the 6 key areas of their business.
Building a solid foundation for the 6 key areas of your business
Imagine what it would be like if you had systems that allowed you to go to Hawaii for a week and just relax... 

Not answer a single business-related call or email. 

When you are back from vacation, you walk into your office, and things are running smoothly as usual… as they have been for the last year.

Your team of awesome people are kicking ass. Your phone doesn't stop ringing. And the metrics in your dashboard are all green.

All of this is not only possible, but probable… when you develop these 6 key areas of your business: 

1. Adopt the Millionaire Mindset

2. Create Checks And Balances

3. Build a Growth Machine

4. Create a Lead Generation Machine

5. Nail the Sales Process

6. Build a Performance Powerhouse
How do I know this? Because I've not only done it myself, but I am still running my business today following this model.
So Who am I!?
My name is Tommy Mello. You might recognize me as The Home Service expert because of my podcast or any of my articles on Inc Magazine or Forbes. I currently run a $40M a year Garage Door company with over 150 employees. 

But I have to tell you... I didn't get here without a lot of hustle. 
This is the poster I used for my old landscaping businesses many, many years ago… Believe it or not, I am allergic to grass. 

At that time I was doing anything I could to make a buck. I was mowing lawn, flipping Bowflex, cars, you name it. 

The problem was that when I stopped working, the money stopped. When I went on vacation, my team wouldn’t know what to do without me. In other words, problems would start to pile up whenever I left or didn't answer my phone. 

But I didn’t settle until I figured out how to build and grow my own home service business. 

The price I paid to get here was high. I made a lot of mistakes. I wasted a lot of money. And I lost my girlfriend in the process. 

That's the reason why I wrote the Home Service Millionaire book...

Because you don't have to go through all of this to build a successful home service business. 

If you know HOW to work ON your business the right way… You can shortcut your way to success way faster. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the book?
The book has 188 pages, and I promise you that is value-packed.
What if I want to read an excerpt of the book before I buy it?
You can download a book excerpt by clicking the button below. If you enjoy it, please consider buying the book.
Do you have bulk pricing?
Yes, if you are buying more than 10 books, please send me an email to
If I am not in the home service industry, will this book be of any value to me?
I believe so. What I shared in this book can work for any business: hiring superstars, building an A-team, creating a growth machine, checks and balances and much more.
How can I contact you?
Please contact me via email on
invest in yourself & your business!
invest in yourself & your business!
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