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Build a Business where everybody wins
A New Way Of Running Your Business
We're going through a huge transformation in the workplace.

The pandemic changed the way people approach their jobs, and made them revaluate their relationship with employers.

The truth is... no one wants to work for an average company anymore.

People want to work for companies that Elevate them and help them win.

Companies that treat employees like athletes. Giving them top-tier training, coaching, mental support, tools, and everything they need to perform at their highest level.

And the good news? When you Elevate them, everybody wins.

You win. Your company wins. And your customers win too.
Here's What You'll Find Inside Of My Newest Book - ELEVATE:
  • The mindset that allowed me to stop being a firefighter and transform myself into the commander of my ship.
  • The structure to Elevate your team and build a company that runs by itself. In our best day we sold $512,000 and I wasn't even there.
  • How to use Scorecards to get your team to win and perform at their highest level.
  • Why most advice about Culture sucks, and the right way to build a culture of A-players for your company.
  • How to create a magnet for talent, so you'll have the best employees begging to work for you.
  • The recruiting system that helps you weed out the bad apples and identify the ideal candidates for your business.
  • The exact systems to Elevate your team, retain your best performers, and create an environment where everybody wants to win.
  • The steps you need to take to get started implementing the Elevate model.
About The Author: Tommy Mello
In 2010, Tommy became the sole owner of A1 Garage Doors, a Phoenix-based business, which came with $50,000 in debt. Today, A1 Garage generates north of $150 million dollars in annual revenue, with over 500 employees in 19 states.

Tommy is also the host of the Home Service Expert podcast, and owner, partner, or investor in 14 other businesses ranging from Christmas lights to real estate to mobile apps.
His business advice is regularly featured in top publications like Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes. And he's sought after speaker and podcast guest. 

Tommy has made every mistake in the book, failed several times, and lost a few key relationships when trying to to grow his business. His mission now is to elevate the home service industry so that other business owners can build the company of their dreams, without having to struggle in the process.
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Frequently Asked Questions
When will I receive the book?
Once your order the book, you'll immediately receive an eBook with the introduction and the first chapter of the book. Then in February of 2023, you'll receive the full version of the physical book.
Who is this book for?
- For home service owners who don’t know how to grow because they can’t possibly work any more hours than they already are.

- For home service owners who are just getting started and want to grow their business fast and effectively.

- For home service owners who have surpassed the 7-figure barrier but are now feeling stuck.

- For home service managers who want to excel in their jobs and become better leaders.

- For any home service employees who want to perform at their highest level.
How long will the book be?
The book is going to be 180 pages long, with 7 chapters. 
Will I get any bonuses for ordering this book?
Yes, in February 2023, together with the full version of the physical book, you'll also get other bonuses to help you implement the Elevate model.
How can I contact you?
Please contact our team via email on
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